Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fassolatha (Greek Bean Soup)

On Sunday I made Fassolatha soup, after seeing the posting on Disposable Aardvarks about the Greek lunch she made for her oldest. (Can I say that I am totally jealous of her culinary and bento-making skills?)

I used the same recipe from About.com as a base. I changed a few things though...

To make this a soup that my kids and I could enjoy, I omitted the hot peppers, added some more carrots and celery, and used the 3 T of tomato paste. I used up the rest of my organic olive oil in the soup (1 cup!). The soup took an hour and a half to cook, during which time Jacqui and I watched and stirred it, and I tried to teach her how to say Fa-sou-la-tha.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the soup with breaed (not crusty, just Vermont Breads from the grocery store) and extra salt and pepper. Dave and I had it for a late lunch (at 5 pm) and Jacqui snacked on it with us and ate it for dinner. Adrianna even got in on the fun at dinner time and was eating up the beans like crazy. She wasn't a big fan of the potatoes, which I think I cut too big anyway. She did eat a few pieces of the carrot.

Yesterday, Jacqui had the soup for lunch with brown rice mixed in -- her idea -- I served it on the side and she added it right in. I tried the soup with the brown rice and liked it too! Adrianna didn't seem to like the rice in the soup. She still ate the beans, but mostly just played with the rice portion of it. I could get her to eat the rice with the beans if the spoon held 2-3 beans and 2-3 grains of rice. Otherwise, it was straight in and out of the mouth, just like the potato pieces!

Dinner last night for Jacqui was brown rice, green beans, tofu pup, strawberries. Jacqui was disappointed that we didn't have soup too. I can't remember the last time she's asked for the same meal three times in a row!

Next time I make this soup (and there will be a next time), in addition to adding extra salt and pepper (and maybe trying a hot pepper), I will also add in rice. The soup was delish with the rice soaking up the broth, and it became a full meal without having to scrounge around for some bread. Yum!

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