Friday, April 9, 2010

Not food I made....

Today, Adrianna and Jacqui went to the doctor. I had told Jacqui about the trip last night, and how Adrianna was going to get a shot. Jacqui asked about the shot all morning, and kept telling me that "I want Adrianna to get her shot." Cute? Not so sure. When I asked her if she wanted a shot, she cried, "No No No! No Shot!"

Jacqui got a shot this morning. So, while Adrianna slept off the effects of her shot, we scootered over to Washington Ave and got some vegan pistachio ice cream for me and Jacqui to share and some vegan pasta pie for Jacqui to have for lunch. The ice cream was yummy, and Jacqui ate a cone for the first time! Not sure how much of the pasta pie she ate after all that ice cream, but she got a shot. I think she can have ice cream instead of lunch.... :)

And last night, I decided to do something new with the girls before bedtime. I got them into clean diapers and then gave them each a massage with organic baby massage oil. I used to do this all the time with Jacqui when she was first born, but at some point, we stopped. And never really started with Adrianna.

Jacqui said that Adrianna should have the first massage -- she's such a generous older sister! Then it was Jacqui's turn. Then pajama time. Then, Jacqui said that she wanted to give me a massage too. So, she had me lie down on the blanket I had put on the ground for her and Adrianna, and proceeded to try to wipe some oil from her tummy onto her hands, and then massage my feet (after first tickling them) and my hands/arms (again, first tickling them). Such a sweet girl! :)

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