Monday, January 3, 2011

Danish Rye Bread

Danish Rye BreadI'm working on perfecting this bread. It's a Danish Rye bread.

My problem right now is getting the insides to fully bake without conflating.

The bread tastes wonderful, even when the insides compress a bit. Aji and I really like it. Jacqui is not such a fan. Can't please them all.

The photo is of a round loaf that I made in a cake pan. Taste was great (and the bread was devoured within two days), but it was too much dough I think to fully bake. Second time I made two long oblong loaves - reason #1: fully bake; reason #2: sandwich bread! That worked better, but the time to bake fully meant that the crust was a bit more crusty than I wanted. We've finished the first loaf (with dinner last night) and I froze the second loaf because I made wild rice bread yesterday.

As soon as I perfect the recipe, I will share it! :)

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