Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First night

We bought the new EA Sports game for the Wii yesterday and tried it out last night. I completed one workout between calming and feeding baby #2. Loved it. :)
The personal trainer guides you through all the exercises and tells you how to improve your form, based on feedback from the Wii remote and the nunchuk. The nunchuk is often in the little leg pouch, to tell how deep your lunges are or how fast you are running or if you are kicking high enough. My workout didn't involve the Balance Board last night, but I can customize workouts to include it, so I will do that sometime this week.
My goal is to work out four days a week with the EA Sports game. I also want to take Jacqui for bike rides four days a week. (Once I go back to work, that will have to be cut down to just the weekends, I suspect. But maybe I will get into such good shape that I will start biking to work? :P The whole getting-to-work-all-sweaty-thing might kill that plan once it is really hot out, but we'll see. I did bike to law school for a semester and that was about an hour each way. Maybe I could bike to work...)

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