Friday, May 22, 2009

No matter

No matter what time we try to get out of the apt each morning, we never make it out until after 11. This morning's culprit: brown rice. I started some brown rice before we were going to leave, so that I can make a rice and kale casserole for dinner. Within ten minutes, it's setting off the smoke alarms, so we hung around the apt until the rice was finished cooking to make sure nothing bad happened with the rice cooking and alarms. Then, of course, baby wanted to nurse, so our departure was delayed even further. Baby, btw, was 13.1 lbs this morning. Big sister 25.3 lbs. Mom, stable at 170.4. Can't break 170...once I reach 165, I'm officially not overweight anymore, according to the all-knowing Wii Fit....twenty more lbs to my pre-pregnancy weight. :)

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