Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traveling Prep

Preparing for our trip down to Maryland (we leave tonight after dinner!), I needed to save some veggies that were sitting in the fridge.

I had a bunch (two bunches!) of organic celery (from the store) and four cute organic sweet peppers (from my organic farmer's stand).

I learned through the magic of google that you can freeze celery, so I washed and chopped up all the celery and put it in the freezer. (I also learned that celery loses its crispiness when frozen, but fortunately, I only use it in soups or stews, where it loses its crispiness anyway, so freezing is ok for me.)

I then halved, de-seeded, and cut into strips the yummy
sweet peppers. My four peppers were red, red and yellow, yellow and green, and red and orange. J and I can eat them in the car or today or whenever (they will travel with us to Maryland). The photo is one of the yummy red peppers -- so cute and so sweet. Photo taken this time with my cell phone (the blackberry photo looked *really* horrible. Not that I'm claiming my cell phone photo is anything to write home about, but it's so much better than the other photo).

I also juiced my lime and lemons and froze the juice in one of those
cute Ikea ice cube molds. This one was hot pink with flower shapes. J's been carrying it around like her new favorite toy, but I did this late at night, so she wasn't there to get all snippy with me for taking her pink tray! :P

Before we leave tonight, I need to do something about this huge squash I got from the organic farmer's stand. I noticed this morning (as I never left the apt) that it was starting to grow a white mold around the blossom end. I will have to search google and blogs to see what I can do to save it.

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