Thursday, September 3, 2009

Early Morning Stew

This morning, I put a stew together for my family to eat. We'll see (and taste) the results tonight when I get home.

Here's what I did:

Put the garbanzos to soak when I left for work on Wednesday, so they would be soaked by the time I got home that night. Stayed late at work, so by the time I got home, the beans had soaked up all the water and no one had added more. Added more water and let the beans soak another hour. Added one large piece of kombu to the beans, added water, and began cooking beans while I took a shower. Scooped off the foam. Again. And again. Let the beans cook until 12:45 last night/this morning, when I decided they had cooked enough and I wanted to go to bed, as I had to be at work really early this morning. Removed kombu, drained beans, and placed cooked beans into fridge.

Woke up, brushed teeth, chopped onion and sauteed in olive oil for five minutes. Chopped three heirloom tomatoes after cutting out the bad parts (should have made this soup yesterday). Sliced and quartered medium zuchinni. Added vegetables to sauteed onion. Added three cups cooked beans and four cups water. Or was it six? Added one drained can cut green beans and two Rapunzel vegan vegetable with sea salt bouillon cubes (well, really, rectangles). Added organic oregano. Put pot on my simmer burner. Remembered that the spinach on the table was supposed to go into the soup. Chopped the spinach, added it to the coup, and left the apartment at 7:30 for work, hoping the soup cooked and someone remembered it.

Ate soup for dinner tonight. Very beany and good. J had it for lunch and I think she liked it. Off to have another bowl now. Need to eat some grain with it; think I have cooked millet in the fridge.

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