Thursday, September 10, 2009


D's birthday was Monday, and he loves muffins. He normally buys (ugh) muffins at the Key Food down the block, but they haven't been stocking them lately. So, I made three kinds of muffins for his birthday on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday, J and I made banana nut muffins, based off a recipe in The Joy of Vegan Baking, and 8-grain muffins, based on a recipe in The Vegetarian Mother. Monday, I made carrot bran muffins as birthday cakes. (J is on a birthday kick and insisted on wearing birthday hats all day.)

The banana muffins are the most appetizing and appealing on looks. They taste pretty yummy too.

The other muffins are very yummy, but look like health foods (which, I guess they are). I topped the carrot muffins with a vegan cream cheese icing and a birthday candle for the "Happy Birthday" singing, which provided a nice balance to the "healthy" taste and texture of the muffin -- filled with shredded carrot, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and bran.

I froze 2/3 of the muffins, and forgot to take photos before the freezing. I will try to take some photos when I take the next batch out of the freezer. And include the recipes.

Added one photo...looks like we've eaten all the banana muffins already! The muffin on the left is the 8 grain muffin and the really healthful looking one (with carrots sticking out) is the carrot bran muffin.

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