Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quackers part 2

Saturday night when I got home from work...Saturday night after I got home from work and put the girls to bed, I made another batch of the quacker crackers.

This time, I used my organic vegetable shortening and half the pepper. I also cut the crackers smaller.

I cut the shortening into the flour/nutritional yeast mixture using my pastry cutter and then my hands. I also used soy milk instead of water this time. (I used shortening this time because I was out of Earth Balance, and used water last time because I was out of soy milk!)

I still just used my hands to press the dough out on my parchment paper instead of rolling with my pin. I like the texture. :) I cut the dough into tons of small diamonds and baked at 365 for 15 minutes. I would have left them in for a few more minutes, but A had woken up, so I was nursing her and had asked D to check them when the 15 minute-timer went off, telling him that they might need more time. He ignored that direction, and just took them out. So, they weren't as toasty as I would have liked them. BUT....

J loved them! She just kept eating them up on Sunday. Even when she wouldn't eat anything else, she would eat the crackers with vegan (follow your heart) mozzarella cheeze. Yay! She calls them quackers, and then starts qacking and making her little arms into duck wings. haha!

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  1. These crackers are so good! I made one batch last week, and then made a second batch the next evening because we had eaten the entire first batch in one day! And I can't believe how easy this recipe is!