Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eggless Omelets...attempt 1

I tried making eggless omelets this morning for breakfast. I used the recipe I posted a few days ago, with 1/4 tsp tumeric, and an organic green heirloom tomato and four baby bellas from the farmers' market chopped and added to the batter after it sat for ten minutes. While the omelets were cooking, I added a piece of Tofutti cheese (torn up) to each. I made three instead of the four the recipe said it made.

Everything stuck to my pan...didn't look very pretty...but tasted good and very filling. In color, they looked like the pancakes I make (I'll post the recipe for those another day), but with chunks of tomato and mushroom. J called them pancakes, and ate her half omelet as long as I was feeding it to her (she just spat it out when D gave it to her). She was excited about them though, and happily told D I made pancakes when he took over breakfast feeding duty. D passed on the one I had for him, so I will have it for breakfast tomorrow I guess. I think that the apartment smelled like omelets while I was cooking, so if you like the smell of omelets, this worked for that. The texture wasn't exactly omelet-like, but it wasn't pancake-texture either.

I have another eggless omelet recipe to try out, from Vegan Brunch. I was going to make it this morning, but I didn't realize it called for garbanzo bean flour. I have all the other ingredients (except the black salt, but I'm not a big fan of sulphur smell, so I'm passing on that and going with regular sea salt); once I buy some garbanzo bean flour, I will whip some of those up.

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