Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet Potato Biscuits and Broccoli Soup

I was inspired to make dinner for me and D tonight, thinking he would be home not late. Ha. It's 10:30 and he's still not here...

Anyway, here's what I made tonight:

Sweet Potato Biscuits based on a recipe from The Vegetarian Mother

Vegan Dad's Hearty Broccoli Soup

I didn't follow the directions well on the soup, but it still turned out great. I used four heads of broccoli instead of two, and I think I used too much water. Next time I will use a little less to make the soup a little thicker. Soup: approx 4 servings, 225 cal/serving, 12.7 g protein, and 237% dv of Vitamin C!

The sweet potato biscuits are scrumptious with the soup. I used a large sweet potato instead of the medium one called for in the recipe because I *love* sweet potato! About 160 calories each, with a little more than 3 g protein each, and 92% of your daily value of vitamin A!

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  1. I made this a few weekends ago and the soup is awesome! At the time, I didn't have an immersion blender so I just mashed everything up as best I could. I was surprised at how easy the soup was to make. I used two bags of frozen organic broccoli florets because I didn't have any fresh broccoli, and it turned out great. I also made the sweet potato biscuits, but they tasted a little too flour-y for me. I used the easiest recipe for the biscuits that I could find through Google, though - I'm sure your version was MUCH better!